• 40 CITIES • 93 RESTAURANTS • 250 – 600 CZK •

The festival is over. Thanks to all 32 thousand guests for the visit!

The chiefs from the best and most interesting restaurants from the Maurer’s Selection Grand Restaurant 2016 offered degustation at reduced festival prices from 250 czk. The winter feast for all lovers of unique food and drinks took place in 40 towns and cities and was visited by 2.430 guests. 

The most visited restaurants were:

- in Prague: Midtown Grill at the Marriott hotel, chief Jan Wiesner
- in Brno: Forhaus, chief Vlastimil Prchal
- in Ostrava: Buena Vista at the Best Western Vista, chief Cherif Oudjehani

We are looking forward for the edition 2017! 




At the festival, several kinds of tastings were on offer
(each for one person only):
Price :
Basic tasting Zakladni ochutnavka 1 meal according to your choice
+ 1 bottle of natural water

CZK 250
Two-course tasting   
Dvouchodova degustace 2 meals according to your choice
+ 1 glass of wine or 1 glass of beer
+ 1 bottle of natural water

CZK 500
Three-course degustation Trichodova degustace  3 festival meals
+ 2 glasses of wine or 2 glasses of beer
+ 1 bottle of natural water

CZK 600
All prices above include the value added tax. A bottle of water means the amount of at least 0.33 l. A glass of wine means the amount of at least 0.125 l of white or red wine. A glass of beer means the amount of at least 0.3 l.

Each of the courses was inspired by a topic:

• "Gastronaut – let’s discover new tastes”
• "Inspiration – let’s taste traditional recipes”
• "Terroir – let’s be in harmony with nature”



Festival themes

The original idea of the festival was rather simple: “To give people a chance to taste high gastronomy at affordable prices during calm months after Christmas!” That is why we choose the best and most interesting in the Czech Republic every year to prepare special degustation menus. 
We do care about wasting with resources of our planet. That is why we asked restaurants this year to try and use an ingredient in the Taste-Waste style while preparing their delicacies, thus contributing to the search of new ways of wasting reduction. Let’s mention for example espuma prepared from duck trimmings and bons, potato skin chips, bone soup with veins from foie gras, smoked trout bones soup, fallow dear trimmings pâté…
We also launched our new series of " Yummy Experiences". The series started 15/1/2016 with a unique degustation prepared by a Michelin starred chief from France and prestige chiefs from India and the Czech Republic. The Bellevue Restaurant offered 12 degustation courses by 3 chefs and the guests had to guess the author of each course.
The guest also enjoyed a prolonged research of their own, thanks to the "Yummy Packages", combining top-class culinary experience, accommodation in exclusive locations and wellness. We have also prepared "Yummy Brunches" and degustations in the unique tower of the Augustine Hotel with a view of Prague Castle and the Lesser Town for romantics.

Restaurace: Gran Fierro
Autor: Mr.V
Datum: 24. 6. 2016 23:53:43
Jídlo dobré, v zásadě jsme si nemohli na nic stěžovat. S odstupem času snad jen, že jídlo bylo sice dobré, ale zapomenutelné. Výborné... Více
Restaurace: Etnosvět
Autor: Mr.V
Datum: 24. 6. 2016 23:41:28
Výborně dochucené vegetariánské kombinace, takhle to má dle mého názoru vypadat, a ne se snažit "napodobit" maso, jak to lze vidět na... Více
Restaurace: Miyabi
Autor: Mr.V
Datum: 24. 6. 2016 23:35:45
Skvělý zážitek v rámci GRF2016. Výklad paní majitelky Darjy Kawasumi fascinující. Stejně tak i prezentované pokrmy. Japonsko se vším... Více
Restaurace: V Zátiší
Autor: Skunk
Datum: 1. 4. 2016 17:05:07
Musím přiznat, že nás nic úplně nepřekvapilo svojí vyjímečností, ale zároveň nic nezklamalo. Všecho bylo výborné a určitě se zase... Více

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