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P R E - S A L E      S T A R T S      1   D E C E M B E R

We’re now preparing the sixth edition of the Grand Restaurant Festival, which takes place in cities throughout the Czech Republic from 15 January to the end of February in 2015. So, you’ve got something to look forward to!
This year the participating chefs will be preparing unique dishes in different categories, which are based on our “Don’t Eat Dumb!” Commandments
  • GASTRONAUT - Discover New Tastes
    (= Original chef’s specialty; something you haven’t tried yet)
  • INSPIRATION - Enjoy Traditional Recipes
    (= From the cookbook of our grandmothers - original or modern style)

  • TERROIR - In Balance with Nature
    (= Seasonal ingredients with pedigrees from local farmers)

This culinary festival is filled with not only delicious food and drink, but also with delightful experiences – both those in the restaurant (which is not just about consuming, but about the harmony of the senses), and our traditional Gourmet Bus, Gourmet Train and Gourmet Package.

Please check back here in November for more information. Pre-sale of your “Gourmet Experience” starts December 1, 2014—so do not worry if you haven’t found a Christmas present yet! :)


Grand Restaurant 2014 Attendance:
83 of the best and most interesting restaurants of Maurer's Selection participated in the Grand Restaurant Festival 2014, which took place in 30 cities across the Czech Republic and was visited by 28,560 guests.

The greatest interest was in Prague, with Brno as the second most important city, and Ostrava came in third. The most popular establishment was the Prague Marriott hotel, with Midtown Grill Chef, Jan Wiesner.


Presale 1.12.
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