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Delicious dishes in the best restaurants for discounted festival prices!

The jubilee 10th GRAND RESTAURANT FESTIVAL (January 15 – February 28, 2019) is approaching. The topic of our country's largest winter food festival is dedicated to the world luminary of art and science – Leonardo da Vinci! TOP chefs from select Czech restaurants will prepare a special degustation menu with the motto:
“Taste da Vinci”
In 2019 it will be 500 years since the divine Leonardo left our world. The artist left behind an unbelievably extensive body of work: the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, some of the most famous paintings in the world; he invented for instance the submarine, drill, helicopter, parachute, armoured tank, garlic grater, or a simple napkin; he took up interest in medicine, astronomy and equally also in gastronomy. He even defined the principles of ceremonial dining! Festival dishes are inspired by da Vinci's work, but also by the Renaissance, Italian and Czech cuisine, by Milan or Florence.
Vitruviánský muž


At the festival these types of tastings are offered
(each for 1 person):
Basic tasting Zakladni ochutnavka 1 dish of your choice
+ 1 drink (water or a glass of wine or beer)

250 CZK
Two-course tasting   
Dvouchodova degustace 2 dishes of your choice
+ 1 glass of wine or 1 glass of beer
+ 1 bottle of natural water

500 CZK
Three-course tasting Trichodova degustace  3 festival dishes
+ 2 glasses of wine or 2 glasses of beer
+ 1 bottle of natural water

600 CZK
All prices are inclusive of Value Added Tax. A bottle of water means a minimum amount of 0.33 l. A glass of wine means a minimum amount of 0.125 l of white or red wine. A glass of beer means a minimum amount of 0.3 l.

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