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> 31.01.2016 - V Zátiší: Thie years's GRF was not as...
Thie years's GRF was not as gret as last year's - but still very good. The service was a bit "factory like" with everybody being served simultaneously. Nice staff, but not very personal. The soup in the first course was amazing! I liked the risotte served with the cheeks, but it didn't mach the meat to o well. a strange combination. The chokolate mousse was perfect, and so was the tempered chocolate with it. All in all a good experience.
> 31.01.2016 - Spices Restaurant and Bar, Mandarin Oriental: Beautiful restaurant with...
Beautiful restaurant with perfect service. Everybody was friendly and helpful. The GRF food was beautifully presented and delicious, and edpecially the first course was amazing. I also really liked the elements of the main course, but with the name "Spices" I had hoped for a bit more spice. The waiter explained that the Czech pallate doesn't always appreciate too much spice, but why not try with one of the two sauces in the main course? Large portions, by the way. All in all an amazing evening.
> 31.01.2016 - Four Seasons hotel, CottoCrudo: I was absolutely impressed....
I was absolutely impressed. By the service, by the food, and by the interiour of the restaurant. From the second I walked into the restaurant I was warmly welcomed, and during the whole meal the staff was friendly and warm. I absolutely loved the food, from the delicious and perfectly cooked octopus to the crisp and wonderful texture of the vegetable served with the main course. The tiramisu was good, but not great. Maybe a bit too heavy on the marscapond. The breAd was fantastic.
> 31.01.2016 - Aureole Fusion Restaurant & Lounge: It was a lovely meal with...
It was a lovely meal with very interesting and delicious courses. Each dish had several elements, and it was like taking a fantastic food journey around the world. Service was very friendly and helpful. The wine pairing was not interesting, actually the chosen wines were quite plain. The pours were unusually small.
> 19.01.2016 - InterContinental hotel, Zlatá Praha: I chose to have my first...
I chose to have my first tasting at Zlata Praha (The Intercontinental), partly because they have made me happy the last couple of years - and why not start in a positive mode? Tonight was no exemption. The food was good (more about that in descriptions of the photos), the service was pleasant and the whole package was more than generous. Let's start with the generousity: For 600 kc they're supposed to serve 3 courses, 2 glasses of wine and a bottle of mineral water. But on top of that they also served a welcome drink (a glass of prosecco), an amuse bouche, an extra glass of wine with the dessert, and coffee and chocolates after the meal. Wow! The service was very friendly and had focus on the individual guest. From my name in the booking they must have gathered that I am not Czech - so the printed menu on my table by the window was in English, not Czech. The table was set up for one person, nobody had to come and remove porcelain and cutlery after I was seated. The waiter who brought my prosecco welcomed me back (even though it is a year ago I was there the last time, and I hadn't seen him before) etc. etc. It felt like VIP treatment for a customer paying only 600 kc. The menu was interesting, tasty and well proportioned. I had a full meal but didn't feel like an overstuffed goose when I left. There's a glass of Prosecco to start the evening. And 3 kinds of very fresh bread. The amuse bouche was snails with potato purée. They were cooked perfectly with some bite, but still tender. If you've never had snails and believe you won't like them, this would be where you should try them anyway. If you still don't like these, give up. Snails won't be for you. First course: Salmon trout tartare, smoked trout, egg, creme fraiche, fresh bread (according to the menu). I had problems finding the egg component, but didn't ask the waiter. Quite a generous portion, and very delicious. The trout was gently smoked, so it wasn't overpowered by smokiness. It had a wonderful texture and I really loved the dish. My favourite of the evening. It was served with a glass of Riesling from Rheingau in Germany. "Crisp" with a hint of minerals and a good choice. Second course: Slow cooked pork belly, white cabbage, apples, cider, potatoes. The pork was of course quite fatty, as I would expect from a pork belly, but also had a lot of flavour. The apple was a fine contrast with its combination of sweet and tart - and it took some of the "fatty feel" out of the dish as I am sure was the point. They could have put less apple on the plate or I could have left some of it - it almost took over. The potato gratin was very nice and soft and the sauce completed the dish very well. It was served with a spanish red wine from tempranillo grapes aged in barrels of American oak. Tempranillo in American oak is usually not a favourite of mine, as it can be a bit heavy on the oakiness, almost vulgar - but in this case the robust wine complimented the dish nicely. Dessert: Curd cheese dumplings, plums, "slivocice plum jam". The dumplings were on the heavy side in my opinion , and the plum jam was very sweet - maybe it could have used another shot of slivovice for balance. Maybe it is just me - but not a dessert I would order again. It came with a glass of German Riesling, semi-sweet. A perfect wine choice. Complimentary coffee (or tea) and what looked like home made chocolates. I was lucky I didn't have to share them
> 19.01.2016 - Marriott hotel, Midtown Grill: Underwhelming! To be...
Underwhelming! To be honest I was underwhelmed. The service was confused, to say the least, and too many people were trying to do too many things simultaneously. I was asked if I would like a glas of Prosecco (Czk. 90,-), and thanked yes. After it had arrived and was visible on my table, another waitress asked the same. I pointed at my prosecco, and she said she would bring my white wine instead, but she forgot. The table next to me was asked about Prosecco by 3 different waiters and looked a bit tired the third time. The bread came without butter. There was a butter knife on the bread plate. I asked the waiter why, and he said for “for the bread”. Then he realized why I had asked and said they served the bread without butter. But he did get some butter for me after that. Later, when I had had a really bad steak, 2 waiters asked if I was satisfied, and when I said I wasn’t, they said “sorry” and left. The third waitress who asked me said “thank you”, but after I told her my steak was not good, at least she reacted. Amuse bouche: Paté with toast and jelly. Ok but nothing more. The jelly was a nice touch First course: Shrimp cocktail with avocado and toast. When serving such an old fashioned dish I would have expected an original and modern twist, but there wasn’t any. It wasn’t bad in any way, but still quite insipid and forgettable. It came with a Moravian Chardonnay named Marriott. Quite anonymous, but OK for a house wine Second course: A truffles croquette of pork cheeks served on a pea purée. The most interesting dish of the evening. The taste of truffles was very subtle. The meat had been rendered from its fat and was on the dry side, but still had a lot of flavor. It was well seasoned. The pea purée looked beautiful but was cold. I think they could have improved the dish by warming the plate before presenting the food. Third course: grilled beef steal with a morel sauce and potato purée mille feuille with lemon. The sauce was delicious and so were the thin slices of beet root under the mille feuille. But the latter had an odd taste as if the choux pastry had been baked well in advance and had become a bit stale (even though the upper layer was crispy). The steak itself was outright horrible. The meat was dry and unusually chewy and on top of that there was some gristle going all the way through it which I simply couldn’t chew and discretely had to put back on the plate. The chef apologized and said I might have had the last peace from a loin, which can be less juicy and tender than the rest. In my opinion that piece of meat should have never been put on the grill and a better chef would have detected the gristle going all the way through it.

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