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> 17.02.2017 - Terasa U Zlaté studně: We had lunch there today...
We had lunch there today and there is little wonder why this is such a highly recommended restaurant. The service, cooking and presentation were truly excellent. Probably one of the best meals we have eaten anywhere. Only small flaw was that the main course duck was not served quit ec hot enough but that could not detract much from a wonderful experience. All credit to the Grand Restaurant Festival for making this great experience available. Thank you
> 14.02.2017 - Pot-au-feu: Stylish & imaginative...
Stylish & imaginative festival menu. With the exception of the vol au vent pastry case which was quite hard/overlooked, all other dishes were extremely well executed. Very pleasant service. Thank you.
> 03.02.2017 - Aquarius Restaurant: The ravioli and the fish...
The ravioli and the fish dish were impressive but the Baba was the low point. I found it heavy and almost stodgy and without style. Pleasant evening with good service.
> 03.02.2017 - V Zátiší: Very pleasant meal &...
Very pleasant meal & service. The soup was particularly good. I was also pleased that all dishes were served piping hot, which is so rarely the case, even in upmarket establishments.