Evening at Atelier

Atelier - interiér restaurace
Friday February 22, 2019; 6 pm
Atelier Cocktail Bar & Bistro
Kobližná 71/2, Brno - Střed 


When the bartender and the chef united the bar and the bistro into one establishment it caused a lot of chatter in Brno. Atelier became of the most sought after places of all Brno people, but even a Prague native will gladly stop here for a drink and something to eat. The Yummy Experience offers the renowned degustation menu from the open kitchen with the best cocktails.

We have prepared a special 6-course menu with cocktail pairing for you, which you will only be able to experience in a single evening in Brno. We will tell you how to combine the dish ingredients together with the cocktail ingredients, so that your mouth feels like in heaven. We do not want to disclose everything, but you can definitely look forward to the following:
Welcome drink
6-course degustation menu consisting of not only festival dishes
6 fantastic and original cocktails
Excellent entertainment and a bar atmosphere right in the centre of Brno

Let's meet at the bar!



1.890,- CZK incl. VAT
(includes the above mentioned menu with drinks)


Order as "Večer v Atelieru"
Atelier - jídlo Atelier - drink
Celerové carpaccio, uzený tvaroh, oříškové máslo   Vepřové koleno na černém pivě, křenová omáčka, kapusta   Parfait z bílého máku, povidla

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