Yum Bus Different worlds with Apetit

Saturday January 28 (14:00 – approx. 19:00)
El Emir, Pot au Feu, Etnosvět

At the beginning of the afternoon the most traditional from Lebanese cuisine awaits us. After that we will take a short walk through the “French kingdom” where we will taste genuinely remarkable delicacies. At the end we will take the Yum Bus to Etnosvět where the dishes draw on the healthiest ingredients from all corners of the world.

13:45 meeting at El Emir, Václavské náměstí 846/1, Prague 1 (Palác Koruna)

1. El Emir
Chef Hamdan Kassem
  • Mezza plate – selection of Lebanese cold and hot appetizers
  • Warak inab Beirut – grilled lamb chops, vine leaves with lamb and Basmati rice, tomato sauce
Authentic Lebanese mezze, traditional lamb specialities and at the end a performance by a beautiful belly dancer. Afterwards we will continue on foot to the French Pot au Feu.
2. Pot-au-feu
Chef Jan Kracík
  • Snail meat in a herb sauce, braised egg and beetroot purée
  • Marinated Arctic char with crispy vegetables
From France we will take the Yum Bus directly to the alternative Etnosvět where we will find out how amazingly delicious vegetarian and healthy food can be.
3. Etnosvět
Chef Anthony Kulehsa

  • Nut Wellington – puff pastry filled with nuts, vegetables and mushrooms, with Brussels sprouts, celery root purée and chocolate sauce
  • Apple crumble, vanilla cream, icing decoration

Price 2.590,- incl. VAT includes above mentioned food tastings incl. pairing with drinks, private Yum Bus transport, MauMau guide.

Etnosvět - Wellington   Etnosvet
El Emir   Pot-au-Feu   El Emir

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