How to buy

The sale for the 2019's edition has started on the 1st December 2018.



1. Log in to your user account or register

2. Choose whether you want to make a direct RESERVATION or give someone a GIFT VOUCHER, which allows the person receiving the voucher to choose the restaurant, date, and time themselves.

3. For purchasing a RESERVATION, go to DEGUSTATIONS on the left. You can choose your degustation according to the RESTAURANTS or to the served MEALS. 

For restaurants, choose the number of people; click on the pink arrow, choose the date, and, finally, the time. You then continue by choosing food for the individual people.

A reservation must be paid for:

  • no later than within three working days after making the order (after three days reservations that haven’t been paid for are automatically cancelled and the places are freed up for other festival guests) and they also must be paid for on time (see below).
Reservations can be paid for using these methods and at these times:

  • by payment card – no later than 2 dayes before the time of the reservation or not later than five working days before a Yummy Experience or Package. 
  • by bank transfer – no later than eight working days before the time of the reservation or not later than seven working days before a Yummy Experience; no later than 10 working days beforehand for a Yummy Package.
  • using a Gift Voucher – a voucher can only be used for individual reservations at the value of the voucher, i.e. a degustation tasting (e.g. it is not possible to use a voucher worth 600 CZK for two tastings priced at 300 CZK)

In a restaurant it is necessary to identify yourself using your name, surname, and the reservation code that is automatically created after a reservation has been paid for. You will find this code in your user account in the relevant tab. It is in your own interest to prevent the reservation code from being misused. Admission to a restaurant will not be permitted when a reservation code is presented for a second time, regardless of who is presenting it.
The time allocated for a tasting is around 90 minutes, but of course, if there is not going to be another tasting in the restaurant afterward you can stay longer at your leisure.
4. In the event of PURCHASING A GIFT VOUCHER for a three-course tasting, simply enter the number of vouchers and select the method of delivery. If you choose an electronic method of delivery, “Gift Vouchers” will be available for printing in your user account after payment. You will find them in the tab marked "Gift Vouchers."

5. USING A GIFT VOUCHER for a three-course tasting:
After logging in or registering, create a reservation for a degustation tasting (a 600 CZK voucher cannot be used, for example, for two tastings priced at 300 CZK). During the Payment step, select the “Use Gift Voucher” option. In the displayed box, enter the number of the voucher and continue with the steps required to complete an order. You can print the voucher afther the payment from your user account, VOUCHERS. 
6. In the event that you require an invoice, it is possible to print one from your user account in the “Orders” tab after the relevant service has been paid for.

Business Conditions

You can read the Grand Restaurant Festival’s Business Terms and Conditions here.


If you need further information, contact Karolína Jarošová at

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