Obsazenost restaurací

Monitor how the restaurants are filling up and don’t miss an opportunity to visit your favourite!
If the system doesn’t offer you a date but you still see free places in the table, this unfortunately refers to places for one person on various days at various times.

Restaurace Počet obsazených míst Počet volných míst Něco navíc/info
Adria hotel, Triton restaurant (Praha) 536 0 • Dairy Espuma, Pesto, Beetroot Granita
Vines and beer served:
• Ryzlink vlašský - late harvest, Mikros vín, Mikulov
• Rulandské modré - selection of grapes, Moravíno, Valtice
• Pilsner Urquell
Agarden restaurant (Boseň) 30 0 • Small loaf of bread and tin mug with red wine
Angusfarm (Nepomuk) 133 0 • Amuse-Bouche, digestive
Aquarium (Hradec Králové) 241 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Duck Foie Gras Praline
Aquarius Restaurant (Praha) 330 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Panunto Bread with “Provatura Fresca” Cheese
Aria Hotel, CODA Restaurant (Praha) 632 0 • Almond “Cantuccini” with Figs of own production, as a compliment to the Coffee
Asian Temple (Praha) 553 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Sushi variation
Atelier Cocktail Bar & Bistro (Brno) 109 0 • With each 3 course menu you'll get a voucher for a welcome drink for the next visit in Atelier
Augustine Restaurant (Praha) 713 0 • Amuse-bouche
• Wine selection from the Sedlák winery – Velké Bílovice
Augustiniánský dům, Symfonie (Luhačovice) 211 0 • Welcome: Parma Ham Tartar on Ciabatta Cracker with Eggplant Caviar and Olive Oil
• At the end: Espresso with “Cantuccini” Biscuit
Aureole Fusion Restaurant & Lounge (Praha) 848 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Leonardo Spinach Cream, Parmesan Cheese Lid with Nuts, Nut Oil
Babiččina zahrada (Průhonice) 275 0
Balu Kitchen (Praha) 327 0 • Wine with the appetizers: Muller Thurgau, Johan W
• Wine with the main course: Pinot Gris, Johan W
• Evenigs with live piano music
Bellevue (Praha) 581 0  
Benjamin (Praha) 209 0 • Seasonal Amuse-Bouche, Homemade Bread, Butter and Czech “Pomazanka”
• 200CZK discount for the menu extension (5 courses) at the same evening
Best Western hotel Vista, Buena Vista (Ostrava) 443 0 • Amuse-bouche
• Welcome drink
• Live music every friday and Valentine's day
Bílá kráva (Praha) 662 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Bresaola
• Homemade Mead
• Special price for desserts, Italian coffee Milani and homemade Grappa which won medal in San Francisco
Bílý mlýn (Liberec) 132 0 • Amuse-bouche: Salmon tataki (Japanese style)
• 20% discount on accommodation
Bistrot de Papa (Horní Dubenky) 197 0
Bistrotéka Valachy (Zlín) 43 0 • Antipastino: “Azzano”, pork “guanciale”, smoked pepper
Black Horse (Liberec) 153 0 • Honey donuts sprinkled with sugar
Blue Wagon (Praha) 324 0 • Amuse-Bouche
• Liqueur wine Santiago / Chardonnay, late harvest, 2017, J. Šamšula, Cabernet Sauvignon, late harvest, 2017, J. Šamšula
Bonté (Pardubice) 252 0 • Amouse-bouche for all guests
• Dessert from daily offer with each two and three-course menu
Cafe de Paris (Praha) 173 0 • With each menu welcome drink “Renaissance atmosphere”
Chateau Mcely, Piano Nobile (Mcely) 687 0 • Amuse-bouche: Caramelised parsley cream, goat cheese
Deer Prague (Praha) 273 0
El Cid, Bar de Tapas (Plzeň) 208 0 • With a three-course menu you will get the Spanish dessert “crema catalana” (fine vanilla cream with orange roasted with cane sugar)
• With our dishes we will serve Spanish white wine Verdejo 2017 and red Tempranillo 2015 from the Castilla y León region
El Emir (Praha) 389 0 • Festival menu will be accompanied by white French wine from Bordeaux Chateau de Barail (Sauvignon Blanc) and red Lebanese wine from the Bekaá Ksara de Alphonse valley (Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah)
Farm Table (Klecany) 85 0 • White Wine: Cattaratto Ninfa, winery Valdibella, Sicili
• Red Wine: Chianti Colli Senesi Torre alle Tolfe, winery La Torre alle Tolfe, Toscany
• Beer: Pilsner Urqwell or Kozel
• Carafe of water with lemon and mint
Four Seasons hotel, CottoCrudo (Praha) 1 473 0  
Francouzská restaurace Art Nouveau (Praha) 2 396 0 • Amuse-bouche: Tomato confit in olive oil, whipped ricotta with Parmesan cheese
• Intermezzo: Celery velouté with roquefort, sage and Italian bread croutons (served with three-course menu)
Fresherie Bistro (Praha) 159 0 • Amuse-Bouche: A Slice of Pork Tenderloin in Truffle Oil, Roasted Garlic Puree and Chive Crème Fraîche
There is a choice of these alcoholic beverages:
• Bernard draft beer
• White wine – Picpoul de Pinet, Carte Noir, southern France
• White wine – Sauvignon blanc Feinherb Silber, Germany
• Rosé wine – Dornfelder Rosé Silber, Feindel Anselmann, Germany
Genius Loci (Žebrák) 121 0  
Gókaná Sushi Bar (Ostrava) 257 0 • Amuse-Bouche
Gourmet Pauza (Praha) 175 0 • Amuse-Bouche
Gourmet Restaurant, Villa Patriot (Mariánské Lázně) 60 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Fresh Pastry with Herb Butter
Hoffmeister restaurant (Praha) 359 0 • Amuse-bouche
• 30 % discount for dessert
Holiday Inn Brno, Prominent (Brno) 746 0 With a three-course menu you will get 2 more courses:
Fine Crêpe Stuffed with Dry-Cured Ham “Jamon Serrano” and Herb Foam, Mango Cream
• Grape Sorbet with Port Wine
Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre, Esprit (Praha) 667 0 • We will serve amuse-bouche, welcome drink and coffee with each three-course menu
• Wine from the Sommelier select winery – Grüner Veltliner and Blaufränkisch
Horizont hotel (Pec pod Sněžkou) 47 0 • Home-made spread and fresh bread with each menu, also included is coffee or tea, water with mint and lemon, as a digestif pear brandy or raspberry brandy made from ripe fruit
• We serve the following wine: Riesling, St. Laurent rosé or Dornfelder from Chateau Valtice
InterContinental hotel, Zlatá Praha (Praha) 405 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Mozzarella Arancini, Saffron Risotto, Watercress Espuma
Jítrava Apartmán hotel (Jítrava) 71 0 • Roast beef, chilli oil
King Solomon (Praha) 426 0 • A free dessert for all guests: “Varenikes, karsh” – pierogi, cherries, pomegranate syrup
• Wine served: White – Emerald Riesling, red – Village Carignan from popular Israeli vineyards
• Water served: Star of Davidson, natural mineral water from our own artesian well
• Allergy-free: All dishes are suitable for clients with intolerance to lactose, sodium glutamate and pork products
• The dishes comply with the highest standard of kosher certification – glatt kosher, we prepare food with regional ingredients
Kobe Steak Grill Sushi (Praha) 392 0
La Cave (Tábor) 52 0 • Wine: Rouge Prestige
• Beer: Extrachmelená 12° Staropramen
La Villa (Zlín) 145 0 • Wine pairing for all courses
• Amuse-Bouche: Caponata, Rosemary Focaccia
Lanterna Spa hotel, Vyhlídka (Velké Karlovice) 93 0 • Amuse-Bouche
Le Grill, The Grand Mark Hotel (Praha) 861 0 • Amuse-bouche: Smoked potato mousse, truffle oil, Parmesan chips
• Petits fours
• Live piano music for dinner (starting at 6 PM)
Levitate Restaurant (Praha) 373 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Flóra, Aqua, Fauna
• Dessert: Sweet Potatoes, Caramel, Edible Flowers
Marriott hotel, Midtown Grill (Praha) 2 020 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Sous-Vide Marinated Prawn in Orange
• Served wines: Veltlínské Zelené and Zweigeltrebe from cavemaster František Mádl
Maso je maso (Praha) 867 0  
Medité (Mariánské Lázně) 123 0 • Appetizer: Baked aubergine tapenade, sheep cheese, grated pistachios 
• Dessert: Rice, milk and spices
Mercure Ostrava Center, Winestone (Ostrava) 113 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Chef's Choice
MG restaurace (Mladá Boleslav) 152 0  
Miura hotel (Čeladná) 301 0 • Amuse-Bouche
Shot of Regional Cabbage Soup “Kyselice”, Dried Ham from Beskydy
MIURA Water in Mona Lisa bottle
Starting at 7 PM, restaurant owner, Darja Kawasumi, will guide you through the evening with her reading about Japanese food and country.
Mlýnec (Praha) 675 0 • Amuse-Bouche & Pre-Dessert
• Served wine: white Pinot Grigio 2017, Castelforte, DOC, Delle Venezie, red Chianti 2016, Querceto, DOCG, Tuscany
Myslivna penzion (Velký Újezd) 100 0 • When ordering our three-course menu you can get accommodation for two people for CZK550 per night
Na Čechách (Lačnov) 48 0 Vegan menu option available upon prior phone request - call 777 931 513:
• Potato Gnocchi with Pumpkin, Oyster Mushroom and Sage

Na kraji lesa (Valašské Meziříčí) 86 0  
Nautilus hotel, Goldie (Tábor) 165 0 • Amuse-Bouche
• Wine: Sauvignon Blanc Sexemberg, Piálek & Jäger, Chateau Bel-Air, Bergerac,
• Visit to the kitchen
• Festival price for accommodation - DBL Comfort 2200 CZK/night, reservation: info@hotelnautius.cz
Nebespán boutique hotel (Kašperské Hory) 62 0  
Nostress (Praha) 116 0
Ostrov hotel (Tisá) 87 0 • Amuse-bouche: Lemon butter, herbs, bread chips
• 15% discount on accommodation (Sunday – Thursday) with our three-course tasting
• With the menu we will serve 0.5l of our unfiltered and unpasteurised OSTROFF lager or super Tuscan wine Pogni Gorgoli 2011 / Mosel Riesling Weingut Thanish
PI.JEZ.PI (Plzeň) 117 0 • Wine pairing to all courses with wines from Obelisk winery
Pot-au-feu (Praha) 441 0 • • Amuse-Bouche
Promenáda (Karlovy Vary) 180 0
Quality Hotel Ostrava City, Bamboo (Ostrava) 293 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Focaccia with Black Olives and Dried Tomatoes
Quisisana Palace (Karlovy Vary) 125 0 • Amuse-bouche
• Tour of the hotel with a presentation of the building's history
Rekovice restaurace & lesní hotel (Trojanovice) 180 0 • Amuse-bouche: Escargot, home-made breat, truffle dip
• Dishes paired with Ampelos wine
Ristorante Piazza (Brno) 310 0 Wine served:
• Appetizer – Chardonnay IGT 2016, Vivolo di Sasso, Italy, Veneto, dry
• Main course – Dogajolo, IGT 2016, Carpineto, Italy, Toscana, dry
Safari pivovar (Dvůr Králové nad Labem) 28 0 • Beer Amuse-Bouche
Savoy hotel, Restaurant Hradčany (Praha) 1 239 0 Wine served:
• Grüner Veltliner, cabinet, Bílkovi Winery, Velké Bílovice
• Neronet, Bílkovi Winery, Velké Bílovice
When purchasing our three-course menu twice you will receive a 10% gift voucher for your next visit in our restaurant
Spices Restaurant and Bar, Mandarin Oriental (Praha) 956 0  
Terasa U Zlaté studně (Praha) 771 0 • Amuse-Bouche, selection of Homemade Bread and Rolls
• Wine pairing
The Eatery (Praha) 217 0  
Tusculum (Karlovy Vary) 106 0 • Amuse-bouche, petits fours
U Emy Destinnové (Praha) 1 664 0 • Welcome Drink: Toast to Renaissance (Jagermeister, golden rum - Flor de Caña, lemon-ginger juice)
• Amuse-Bouche: Bison Carpaccio with Mint and Thyme Oil, Hazelnuts, Dried Cherries, Hawaiian Sea Salt and Goat Cheese
• Live piano music - Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm to 10 pm
• If booked at 11.30 and 1.30 pm from Monday to Friday - complimentary dessert - Honey Cognac vanilla créme brulée
• if you order 3 course menu you can write us an email to : uemydestinnove@gmail.com and write your name, GRF 2019 - voucher lottery - the prices are: 5x Runner up voucher for 2500,- Kč and 1x Grand price for 5000,- Kč.
U Labutě (Přerov) 306 0 • Amuse-bouche
• Welcome drink Cava reserva brut Paul Cheneau
• Wine pairing:
- Chardonnay Les Jamelles 2017
- Čtvrtě pinot noir winery Stapleton-Springer 2015
U Malířů 1543 (Praha) 1 501 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Egg and Truffle Foam
• Weissburgunder DOC 2017 Festival, Meran, Alto Adige, Italy
• Chianti Classico Querciabella 2013, Toscana, Italy
U Tiskárny (Opava) 155 0  
V Zahradě (Praha) 294 0 • Tasting plate of smoked sausages from our smokehouse (Sausages, Bacon, Roast Pork Neck, Beef Knuckle) with a Pork Crackling Bannock
V Zátiší (Praha) 1 530 0 • Amuse-bouche
Valdštejn (Liberec) 114 0 With a three-course tasting we offer:
• Amuse-bouche: Aubergine caviar with dried tomatoes and basil
• 25% discount on accommodation as part of GRF 2019
Valmer (České Budějovice) 267 0 • Amuse-Bouche, Homemade Bread
Wine Pairing:
• Appetizer - Côtes du Rhône Grands Classique 2015, Domaine de la Présidente
• Main Course - Pinot Noir 2015, Collection Phillipe Curial
Valoria (Brno) 621 0 • With a three-course tasting a gift – a five-course tasting (in addition: smoked salmon from our smokery, quail egg, lemon confit & cold chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis)
Větruše (Ústí nad Labem) 152 0  
Villa Richter (Praha) 1 162 0 • Amuse-Bouche
Xclusive Society (Praha) 247 0 • Amuse-Bouche: Fig Bread with Taleggio Cheese and Walnut
• For every three course degustation menu you will get fresh oyster and capuccino Mona Lisa as present from the restaurant
• White Wine: 2016 Grande Réserve Gascogne, • Côtes de Gascogne, Beaurampart, France
• Red Wine: 2016 Bodegas, Navajas, Rioja, Spain
Zaječský vinný sklep (Ostrava) 185 0 • Amuse-Bouche with a three-course menu gratis
Zámek Liblice (Byšice) 70 0 • Amouse-bouche: Home-made olive bread, rabbit terrine with pistachios
• Once again wine from Mělník and Velké Žernoseky

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