We have chosen the most luxurious hotel resorts for you, so that you could relax and enjoy your extraordinary moments. You may be a fan of both modern designs and dreams under the canopy in a castle room, you may plan to pay a visit to our capital or a discovering journey to an unknown part of our country – we have something for everybody.

A Yummy Package for two persons includes: a three-course GRF degustation, accommodation with breakfast, unique gastronomic experience designed just for the festival for each person. Other hotel services (such as wellness) may be included, too.

Yummy Packages for one night

Angusfarm   Augustine   Dvur Hoffmeister
Angusfarm   Luxury Collection Hotel Augustine Praha   Dvůr Hoffmeister
Villa Patriot   Chateau Mcely   Nautilus
Gourmet Hotel Villa Patriot   Chateau Mcely
  Nautilus hotel
 Tanzberg   U Zlaté studně    
Tanzberg Boutique Hotel   U Zlaté studně hotel    


Prolonged Yummy Package for two nights

Villa Patriot        
Gourmet Hotel Villa Patriot        

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